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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Need Research Team for a Book Project

Iqra! Newspaper is looking for a team of up to 5 researchers for an upcoming book project. Team members will be assigned to the book project, but also might be called on to work in a support capacity for Iqra! Newspaper and our media watch program.

Proposed payment:Pay $10 - 15 hourly or we will pay one flat fee per project. We are still working on the pay issues.

How the team will be divided:

Research: Book Project only

Research: Flexible (Miscellaneous projects)

Research: Media Watch

A Team Leader will be assigned to the group

Main Project: "The Invisible Media"

Background:Sr. Karema, (chief editor , Iqra Newspaper) says:I recently started working on a revision of an article titled "The Invisible Media." The pages kept increasing as I began to do my own research. The article reached 8 pages for part 1, and 6 + pages for part 2. I told sis Amatullah "I am writing and writing and just can't seem to stop." At this point I realized I had a book on my hands.
Requirements:You must have a passion for research and reliable internet connection. Experience is a plus.Those interested, please e-mail your CV along with a writing sample to
For more information, write to: mail@iqranewspaper.

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