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Friday, May 25, 2007

Calll for Submission!

Iqra! Newspaper is now accepting articles /poems/ stories, etc for the coming issue. Please read our submission guidelines carefully before submitting your paper. For more information, please email us at:

Submission Guidelines

Iqra! Newspaper warmly welcomes submissions of personal or journalistic articles, poetry, cartoons, and photography.

Iqra! Newspaper is also interested to hear from those who would like to make feature suggestions or propose an article or feature for commission. If there is a topic or news story that you believe would be relevant to our readership and would like to draw our attention to this, please contact Iqra! Newspaper at [].We will endeavour to forward any suggestions to the relevant editor but must forewarn that, due to the high number of emails, a reply may not always be prompt or possible. For such instances we apologize in advance and thank you for taking the time to consider us.

The team at Iqra! believe firmly in the importance of developing a strong, committed and successful Muslim media and endeavour to contribute to this. While the newspaper serves the Muslim community it is also committed to interfaith as well as inner-faith dialogue. To this end, we also welcome submissions from non-Muslims who believe that their work may be of relevance to the readership of Iqra!

We embrace open discussion and understand that the rich diversity of the Muslim community can often nurture differences. Disputes deriving from such differences need not always be viewed negatively. However, we believe that the Muslim community should aspire to move forward within an environment of mutual respect so that we may more fully fulfil our responsibilities and capabilities, inshaAllah. At Iqra! we believe that our central concern is to ensure that the newspaper is based on the Qu’ran and Sunnah and we pray that Allah assists us in meeting this goal. We do not ascribe to conservative, progressive or modernist labels but to fundamental Islamic beliefs and believe that the hijacking of the term ‘fundamentalist’ by some media should not deter us from embracing it as we understand it: ‘adherence to the basic principles of Islam’.

Our team is comprised of sisters and brothers of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. We welcome submissions from interested and talented individuals wherever they reside.

Please consider the points below when submitting your work to Iqra! (Please watch for guideline updates)

Resume not required but helpful, please tell us about yourself, what are your interest

We request that submissions enquiries be emailed.

Please inform us if the work has been published before and if so where and when it was published.

We request that anybody proposing a feature for submission or interested in becoming a regular contributor to Iqra! send 3 examples of previous work.

With the exception of just a few articles, most articles do not extend beyond 1000-1500 words and some are significantly shorter. Please keep this in mind when submitting work.

Please also be aware that where necessary articles may be edited.

Please send articles as a MS Word file.

Please read our Mission statement

The editors at Iqra! read all submissions and ideas with interest and endeavour to reply wherever possible, inshaAllah. If you share our vision and would like to contribute to Iqra! Newspaper we would be delighted to hear from you.

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