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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Attention! Chaplains

Iqra! Newspaper gives out free newspapers to inmates communities needing more Islamic reading materials in their facilities. Please let us hear from you while supplies last (from latest edition) Our newspaper is an excellent dawah

Consider purchasing Iqra! Newspaper in bulk and donating to prisons, Masajid, MSA’s, libraries and universities. Ad value to your fundraiser with Iqra! Newspapers, retail price is $1.50 for 28 pages, discounts offered. View our current index of articles.

Iqra! Newspaper 3rd Edition Now Out!!!

3rd Edition Now Out!!!

90+% Content, 28 pages of a diverse selection of articles

We are happy to announce that Iqra! Newspaper thrid edition is out!We would like to personally thank our friends, supporters and staffs for your prayer, ideas, submissions,etc
Total Pages: 28Cost: US$1.50

“In the Eye of the Storm” a survival story about hurricane Katrina

Life of the Prophet
“Why Seerah”

“A Tiger Disappeared”
The story of Tipu Sultan of India

Questions and Rulings on Horoscopes

The Glorious Book-Bilal the Poet
Muslim Mothers
The Joys of Adversity-Saaleha Bhamjee
Good Health is Wealth—ja’Meelah
I Follow the One– Julinar Diab
Death of a Puppeteer-Julinar Diab
A precious Jewel-Mai El-Sadamy

“Health, Hygiene and Discipline” by Fatmah Azam Ali


“The Defining Moment in America History, Hurricane Katrina” Karema Akifa Saleh

“Was Islam Spread by the Sword?”
Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim

“The Truth about Polygamy”
Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim

“ Youth Volunteers in Kashmir”
Bibi-Aish Wadvalla

“Hindu Man of Muslim Heritage”
A.U. Asif

“Media Trickknology” Karema Akifa Saleh
“A Solution for the Danish Cartoon Publications”
Jennifer Fayed

Political Asylum
“Islamo Fascism” is an Oxymoron– Enver Masud”
“Politics or Principles? Democracy or Fascism”
Karema Akifa Saleh
“Islamic Fundamentalist? Fact or Fiction?”
Mirza Yarwar Baig
“Dowry in Islam? Choosing Culture Over Religion”
Amatullah Abdullah

Life in Islam
“An Indian Family’s Journey to Islam”